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Images from West Point

The following are just 2 of the many images I captured during my visit to West Point a few years back.  I was impressed with the precision, the uniformity of the recruits at this institution.  These images, to me, represent many things, like I stated the precision and uniformity, but also the respect, the pride, the structure, the cohesiveness, the atmosphere of camaraderie!



This was taken during the national anthem.  This represents the  precision throughout this stadium, like they all are one!  Notice the darker blue hat of the cadet in the top of the image.  This was actually a navy cadet present amongst the West Point cadets.  All as one.



Taken on the parade grounds.  It was very overcast and dark that day and I was so busy capturing the moment that my camera settings weren’t properly set, hence the blur.   In a way, it captures the movement of the march.  Again, precision, uniformity, just an impressive display of discipline.


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