“Dresses With Attitude”

 “Dresses With Attitude”
"Dresses with Attitude"

Was in a thrift shop in Lansdale and saw these dresses hanging on the wall.  Just seemed these garments have seen some action in their day.   Probably applied too much vignette but thought I’d post this and see what people thought.

If you have some good criticism, lay it on me


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2 thoughts on ““Dresses With Attitude”

  1. The vignette is not an issue at all. But in my opinion you might evaluate to offer some more image rather than a close up . I believe the blur on the bottom and upper side of the image let us see more a focus effect instead of vignette effect . I would not enhance a blur on these edges , but that is only me . I love the image , really , suitable colors, a little more or less close up , I might liking it more.

    • Thank you for your feedback, it is appreciated. I love photo-editing. It’s one of my favorite parts of photography. I try to restore how i envisioned my subject at the time, but never know If I’m getting that across to the viewers with the final project. I always save my PSD files so I can go back and tweak a bit more if necessary. I will go back and revisit this image. Thank Y0u. Ricl

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